Super Photo Slider

Super Photo Slider is the first game released in our Super Photo game series.

Check it out for free on the Google Play store

It is a puzzle game where the object is to unscramble the picture.  There is an empty block in every puzzle that allows the player to move the pieces around.

Just tap on a piece and it will slide into the empty spot (wherever it is).  You are not limited to just the pieces next to the empty spot.


Score is based on time and efficiency.

appleMoveThere is also a Hint button that is available once each round.  When pressed, it will move the correct piece into empty spot.  It will not do anything if the empty spot is the bottom right corner.  There is a minor penalty for using the Hint, but it is often worth using because it can help improve both your accuracy and time bonus.

In the traditional, physical version of this game, you slide an adjacent square into the empty spot.  This makes it very tricky to swap just two pieces without disrupting the rest.  This aspect was removed from Super Photo Slider to create a faster game play.  It is easy to get the pieces where you want them.  The tough part is to figure out where they should go!